r2 c3Three County Fair

I serve on the executive committee of the Board of Directors and have served as President of the Three County Fair. The Three County Fair is the longest continuously operating fair in the country. In addition to the fair, the grounds are used for many other events including the Pride Parade, Morgan Horse Show and Paradise City Crafts Show. Events at the fair grounds bring visitors and vitality to the city of Northampton.


 r4 c2Childs Park

Since 1995 I have served as President of the Childs Park Foundation. The foundation owns and operates Childs park, 36 acres of beautiful gardens and grounds dedicated
to quiet enjoyment and located in the heart of Northampton.


Smith Charities

Since 2002 I have been serving as Northampton’s elector to Smith Charities. I am currently serving as President of Smith Charities. Since its inception Smith Charities has distributed over 9 million dollars to individual recipients and the Smith Vocational High School. I am running for re-election as well.


Justice of the Peace

I am commissioned as a Justice of the Peace in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.